Contact Management

In a world characterized by information overload we must struggle every day against the huge charge of communication inputs, mainly promotional ones.

Everyone knows what happened when we receive proposal that don’t match our needs. We definitively put it in the trash.

In order to succeed in relational activities and reach the appropriate target with the right words, any customer-oriented organization must necessarily segment its customers into homogeneous groups ensuring a customized and tailored communication with each group.

MagicCrm is the best CRM software that allows you to deeply profiling your customers in a flexible and easy to use way, ensuring data normalization over time.

Gestione Contatti Magic CRM


  • Manual data-entry

  • Massive database importing through standard formats (excel, csv, xml)
  • Lead Acquisition from web
  • Third-part software integration


  • Multi-kind prospect records management (individuals, private and public companies, ecc.)

  • No-limit customer profiling and labelling
  • Data normalization
  • Links and hierarchies prospect management
  • Query engines to set specific targets
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM


  • Data deduplication system based on profiling attributes matching

  • Massive updating of prospects’ attributes


  • Prospect qualification tracking

  • Qualification workflow management
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM