Sales & Marketing

In a world characterized by information overload we must struggle every day against the huge charge of communication inputs, mainly promotional ones.

Everyone knows what happened when we receive proposal that don’t match our needs. We definitively put it in the trash.

In order to succeed in relational activities and reach the appropriate target with the right words, any customer-oriented organization must necessarily segment its customers into homogeneous groups ensuring a customized and tailored communication with each group.

MagicCrm is the best CRM software that allows you to deeply profiling your customers in a flexible and easy to use way, ensuring data normalization over time.

Sales is the core activity in each company’s lifecycle. Having available the sales history of each Customers means having available priceless information.

Supporting sales process effectively means both providing the sales force with the right tools to handle the negotiation process and the management aware of business development and sales team performance; starting from the measurement of its effectiveness to the analysis of the deviation from the original forecast

MagicCrm has one of the most complete and powerful “opportunity management” modules currently available in the market covering in an exhaustive manner both the operational and the analytical aspects of each single opportunity and the whole sales.

Sales representatives, agents, resellers, branches, agencies, partners, affiliates…

Sales Network is a complex galaxy that must be ruled through control tools and right procedures.

Using MagicCrm structured and powerful “Sales Force Automation” module, you have an extraordinary support that significantly enhances the sales force’s performance through a real time updated and detailed monitoring system for each single sale channel. Our software manages every step of the sale process with right and ‘ad hoc’ instruments.

If you want to leverage this chaotic market, you need accurate and super-fast answers to all your business questions. Each business opportunity must be measured and deeply analyzed in no time if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Magiccrm is the CRM software with a very-powerful opportunity analysis supporting you in every business decision.

Magicrm allows you to see where your sales are now , and where they are going.

Magiccrm differs from other CRM for its pragmatic and highly operational approacht.

In a very few time all your business processes will be implemented and supported and every tool you need will be available.

MagicCrm is a solid and complete software, immediately ready to use.

For ever marketing!

If you speak your audience with a flat and standardized communication you will receive poor and flat anwers too. A wrong communication or a wrong target communication will have a boomerang effect which may negatively affect the corporate image.

MagicCrm software provide an highly sophisticated Campaigns Management environment fully integrated with the whole sales process, giving remarkable advantages compared to “on demand” DEM available on the web. The most advantages are:


  • Sales process integration
  • Capturing and promoting up and cross selling actions detected from sales activities analysis.
  • Managing an accurate redemption of performed activities in terms of costs/revenues.
  • Managing and executing “combo” marketing activities (campaigns composed of multiple marketing activities, like DEM, events, telemarketing, ect.)