Add-on Utility

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By activating the add-ons you can further increase the potentialities of your product and manage your working processes more smoothly and effectively.

Gestione Contatti Magic CRM

Prospects Deduplication

  • Control suspect algorithm (set up according to different parameters)

  • Suspect list generation
  • Approval and publication of prospects on CRM prospect-list
  • Merging with existing prospects function

Lead Acquisition

  • Customized forms configuration

  • Integration with web sites and corporate web portals
  • Automatic direction-finding of individuals in charge
  • Management of notification
  • Management of alerts in case of hold-ups
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM

Integration with DropBox

  • Automatic saving of files in Dropbox folders for off-line usage

Integration with switchboard

  • Automatic outbound calls generation

  • Inbound calls management

Gestione Contatti Magic CRM
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM

SMS Engine

  • Template message management

  • Sms sending to single contact
  • Sending of sms campaign
  • Sms server external usage