Business Project Management

Day after day businesses activities become more and more complex and complicated, requiring different skills and experienced team committed to accomplish them.

A lack of communication and coordination within working groups often leads to serious inefficiencies that can both negatively affect the customer’s satisfaction and create conflicts and disagreement in the working environment.

To guarantee the best team performance and achieving goals you need a CRM software must be able to:

  • Setting up business workflow
  • Steps splitting business processes, assigning each step a deadline and a responsible
  • Ensuring real time updated information to monitoring process progress
  • Notify delays and inefficiencies

The powerful “MagicCrm” BPM engine allow you to properly manage and monitor each process perspective and is useful for both small organizations or big ones.

Gestione Contatti Magic CRM


  • Business processes configuration

  • Working group configuration (tasks, roles)
  • Business workflow configuration
  1. State/transition configuration
  2. Stages and to-do list configuration
  3. Milestone and deadline configuration
  4. Automatic progress trigger configuration
  • Document template configuration
  • Process monitoring and delay notification
  • Service level analysis