Sales Network Management

Sales representatives, agents, resellers, branches, agencies, partners, affiliates…

Sales Network is a complex galaxy that must be ruled through control tools and right procedures.

Using MagicCrm structured and powerful “Sales Force Automation” module, you have an extraordinary support that significantly enhances the sales force’s performance through a real time updated and detailed monitoring system for each single sale channel. Our software manages every step of the sale process with right and ‘ad hoc’ instruments.

Gestione Contatti Magic CRM

Sales Force Organization

  • Business portfolio configuration

  • Assign portfolio to sales force
  1. Business database segmentation
  2. Business visibility configuration
  3. Exceptions management
  4. Delegation management
  • Mobile and off-line mode use

Operational-supporting tools

  • Price list and product catalog management

  • Spot offers management
  • Business proposals management
  1. Offer review process management
  2. Proposal approval rules configuration
  3. Offer options management
  4. Standard and “ad hoc” offer configuration
  5. Ms Word and Pdf offer creation
  6. Business profit margin analysis
  • Orders and contracts management
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM
Gestione Contatti Magic CRM

Results analysis

  • Win loss analysis

  • Budget and forecast trend analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)